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Silver and Black Report: Oakland Raider Needs and Solutions

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With Lane Kiffin stating that the team will GO AFTER the players it needs from either free agency or the draft we can be rest assured that the holes we can identify will be filled to a degree.

The first hole is on the D-Line:

It looks like Sapp will be leaving/retiring and that means that a combo of Sands/Kelly/Warren will be competing for playing time to fill his void.

There are also a few options that would upgrade any line in the NFL.

Free Agency could see Jared Allen join his boyhood favorite team, THE OAKLAND RAIDERS!!!

I was having breakfast with a buddy of mine who knew him in high school and he confirmed that he is a HUGE Raider fan and has always wanted to play here.

IF Kansas City doesn't franchise him, I'd go after him tooth and nail.

It does look like he'll be franchised though:

There are also three players entering the draft that could end up in Oakland.

If Oakland wins the coin flip, which we always lose, then it is possible that Glen Dorsey COULD fall to three. That would be a long shot as BOTH Miami AND St. Louis could use him on the D-Line.

The other names that could find their way to Oakland would be either Sedrick Ellis or Howie Long's son Chris.

If someone is hot and heavy to move up and grab Ryan, McFadden or Brohm the Raiders could replace the third rounder that they gave up last year and move down in a trade that will still net them one of these two D-Linemen.

There are still so many dominoes to fall before the draft that it is impossible to tell which way we'll go.

Will Ryan's replacement go with a 3-4?

Will Porter opt out?

Will Sapp even retire?

In a three four I would love to draft James Lauranaitus out of Ohio State to join Morrison and Howard.

Or how about Rey Maualuga? He may declare:

For now, I will go position by position so that we can start gathering names for our draft board.

The names I've covered so far will all be 1st round picks. I wonder where the Jay Richardson and Marcus Thomas's are? Let's find out. I'll see if I can get Matt Miller from our sister Blog,, to come up with some options as well.

I am VERY Excited about next year, How about YOU???