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Rob Ryan "Shout Out": Rumor Has The Oakland Raider DC Headed to NYJ

Rob Ryan has grown up and come into his own as the Oakland Raider defensive coordinator. Now, it looks like he will join his buddy Eric Mangini in New York.

Remember what he looked like when he first got here?

The only thing that grew quicker than his belly or hair is his reputation as a Leader of Men.

I appreciated the chemistry that he created with his players and the fact that his leadership kept the ship from being under a complete mutiny before Lane Kiffin arrived.

I am hoping that this is more evidence that Lane has a VERY clear goal for this team and a direction which they have yet to achieve.

I do recall him saying that there were some very prominent coaches that he was not able to speak to because they already had new positions after he was named Head Coach.

I wish Rob the best!!!

Good Luck and we'll see you in the Coliseum next year.