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Is Anyone Else Sick Of The Raider Haters In The Mainstream Media?

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I know that as much as everybody loves to cheer on a hero, there is also a mob mentality that loves to hang the villian.

This "Mob Mentality" exists in the NFL and it is pointed directly at the Oakland Raiders.

No sooner did the season end that NOT ONLY were we losing our defensive coordinator, but also our head coach!!!

As soon as Lane Kiffin said that he was wrong about the defense being dominant and that he expected more the mob started circling the wagons and writing about Rob Ryan being fired.

If these "journalists" would have done their homework they would have seen that Ryan has one more year on his contract and that the "likely" replacement for him is still under contract to the Bucs!!!

Why would Lane Kiffin want to fire Ryan and bring in a one year replacement???

It makes no sense!!!

Here is Steve Corkran's take:

"The Oakland Raiders still haven't made official their decision whether to retain defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. However, coach Lane Kiffin has a prospective replacement in mind if he gets his wish of jettisoning Ryan.

People in the Raiders front office and close to Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive backs coach Raheem Morris confirm that Kiffin has his sights set upon luring away Morris."

If he'd just done his "homework" he would have known that:

A) The Bucs NEVER let their assistant coaches leave early.

B) Raheem's contract expires next year.

C) Rob Ryan's contract expires next year.

IF Raheem truly IS his choice, then the soonest he CAN be here is next year.

I, personally, am ALL for it. IF that is the case.

Now, they report that Davis and Kiffin are feuding over this situation.

IF they did their homework they would know that the above scenario would make this point moot!!!

I hate to single out Corkran, I really do like most of his work, because there has been even worse wagon circling.

Here is a quote from Tim Kawakami:

 "In the best-case scenario for Kiffin's Raiders coaching career, it looks like he'll enter his second season stuck with a defensive coordinator he tried to fire and a quarterback he never really wanted."

Just who DID he want?

Brady Quinn? Jeff Garcia? David Carr?

JaMarcus Russell over any of those QB's sounds like a blessing. Even IF he didn't want JR, I bet he is sure happy that he has him.

I think Tim should just stick to writing about the Warriors. He has been out of the Silver and Black Family for too long.

He gets even worse with this quote:

"Which leads to the current the stalemate. Kiffin's a pretty hardheaded guy and he obviously took the job ready to butt noggins.

You might figure Davis' safest path is to fire Kiffin and promote either Ryan (unlikely, since Davis likes offensive guys for head coach) or offensive coordinator Greg Knapp to the big job."

Now, he has Ryan or Knapp as the Head Coach?!?!?

He didn't just circle the wagons, he made sure to set them on fire!!!

All of this "garbage" has come out since the end of the season.

The end of a season that saw the Raiders regain respectability in this League.

Sure the record was 4-12, but they were in every game except for two and the two teams that pasted them, on the road, are still playing meaningful games in January.

With a solid draft (Long, Henderson, Silva, Jackson, Monk) and a couple of free agents (Suggs, Berrian) the Oakland Raiders will be challenging for the AFC West by 2009 and maybe even next year.

Things ARE looking up Raider Nation, so don't let the Raider Haters get you down.

Al may be "old school", but these haters are going to miss the genius when he's gone.