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Oakland Raider Draft Update: Darren McFadden Declares Himself Eligible

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The piece of the puzzle that will make this draft for the Oakland Raiders, Darren McFadden, has just declared himself eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft.

I believe that Atlanta will select McFadden with the third pick in the draft, IF they get win the coin flip.

Atlanta needs a HUGE pickmeup for the fans and the organization after last year's nightmare.

Even though Ryan, Brohm and Woodson are good QB's, they aren't JaMarcus Russells or even Brady Quinns in my book. I am beginning to think that one of them may even be available in the 2nd round for Atlanta. And If not, John David Booty, would be an excellent choice for them in the third.

That would leave the Raiders, if they lose the coin flip, with either Jake Long, Chris Long or Glen Dorsey. Either of those picks would solidify a piece of this team for ten years.

It looks more and more like Jake Long will be that player.

Miami and St. Louis need DL help more than anything, so, either Long or Dorsey would be the logical choice for either of those teams.

Word is that Chris Long is a better fit in Bill Parcell's defense and he may go #1 overall, with Dorsey falling to #2.

I know that there are some out there clamoring for Sedrick Ellis, but, if you look at what Joe Thomas did in Cleveland you may change your tune.

Thomas did not allow ONE sack while playing LT for the Browns last season. Getting that kind of protection for Russell would be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for J-Russ in 2008. I love Barry Sims, he is a true warrior, but, he is the weakest link on the O-Line.

If the coin flip goes the way of the Raiders (I wonder how many coaches are practicing their heads and tails calls right now?) then the intrigue of McFadden falls into the Raider's laps.

No, we do not need McFadden, but, he will tease many teams to move up.

Maybe the Jets or Bengals have their eyes set on McFadden?

Tampa Bay and Dallas are two very good teams that need an elite running back and Dallas has two first round picks to trade.

IF the Raiders could get the Cowboys two first round picks as compensation (To start with) then that would be the most beneficial situation for Oakland.

Picking #22, #30 and #36 COULD net the Raiders, Adarius Bowman, Dan Connor (LB Penn State) and Jamaal Charles.

If Oakland can get a 3rd rounder from Dallas in the deal then that would allow the Raiders to draft Jamie Silva or Tom Zbikowski and Frank Okam (DT Texas) in the 3rd and fourth!!! (Yeah, in my dreams right!!!)

I am getting WAY ahead of myself here. Chances are that nobody will move up in the first and the only opportunities we'll have to get more picks will be to trade the #36 pick, Derek Burgess (If we draft Chris Long) or Dominic Rhodes (If Jamaal Charles is available in the 2nd round).

So, for now, let's be happy and thankful that Darren McFadden just made this draft 4 deep and the Raiders will get a HUGE lift from their First Round pick.