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Oakland Raider Draft Update: DeSean Jackson Enter Draft!!!

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If a genie would have asked me last August who I wished for in the 2008 draft, I would have asked to have DeSean Jackson appear in Silver and Black and take the opposition's punts and deep completions from JaMarcus Russell into the end zone for 6!!!

That was before the defense went into the toilet and the Pac-10 found multiple ways to shut DeSean Jackson down.

If you haven't heard by now,  DeSean has declared himself eligible for the 2008 draft.

This may be a HUGE mistake for him at this point.

His stock has not fallen as far as Marcus Monk's (Projected 2nd rounder in '07 to Projected 6th rounder in '08) in the past year, BUT, he did go from a Top 10 pick to maybe lasting until the 2nd round.

On his own, Cal Bears, team he was often the #2 or 3 receiver in 2007. This was after being a Pre-Season Heismann favorite.

Being that this is a Raider Blog, I bet you're asking yourself, "Why the Hell is Saint writing about a player that won't be in Silver and Black this year?"

The answer is simple, IF, either Adarius Bowman, Devin Thomas or DeSean Jackson are available  AND the Raiders have selected either Glen Dorsey, Chris Long OR Sedrick Ellis with their first then I would take either of them over Henderson in the second round.

Having DeSean declare, which I found quite shocking, now makes it possible that either He, Thomas or Bowman will be available in the 2nd.

A combo of DeSean Jackson (2nd round) and Marcus Monk (6th) or Dexter Jackson (6th) and Adarius Bowman/Devin Thomas (2nd) would prove to me that genies do exist.

Bowman or Thomas would give JaMarcus a quicker deep threat than Jerry Porter with better hands than Johnnie Lee Higgins.

Monk is not as fast as Bowman or Thomas but he is a bigger target and can be a great target for J-Russ. At 6 foot 6, he is able to use his body well as a possession receiver.

Dexter Jackson and DeSean Jackson would give JaMarcus a slot receiver that could be used, in Lane Kiffin's style of offense, on reverses and quick slants. Both Jackson's have breakaway speed that can turn those plays into touchdowns.

I really wish that we had as many picks from the third round down this year as we did last year, but, things being what they are I think that we'll be okay with high picks in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th rounds.