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Oakland R.A.W (Raiders, Athletics, Warriors):

As many of you already know, my passion for all Oakland teams runs VERY deep.

Beyond being a Raider season ticket holder and blogger, I've played drums in LF at A's games for the past three years and have been a Warrior season ticket holder since 2000.

In fact, I fell in love with each team individually around the same time, 1980'ish.

Being that this is the off-season for Raider Football, I'd like to also write about the Warriors and A's here.

What do you guys think?

My uncle used to get his company seats behind the hoop for the Warriors and he'd take me on occasion.

I remember Chris Mullin's rookie season and seeing the likes of Dr. J and Larry Bird take on Mr. Mean (Joe Smith), Purrrrvis and Sleepy.

The drafting of Chris Mullin was the first step in creating RUN TMC, so I saw that team take shape and thrill the Bay Area for years, until a trade with Sac (Owens for Seikaly) tore team apart and sent them into oblivion until last season.

Even though there were many bleak moments over the past 14 years, the diehards, like me, stayed with them and we are being rewarded now.

The return of Don Nelson has this team playing together and winning games in exciting fashion.

Fans that were fortunate enough to be at the Mavericks Playoff Series last season know exactly what I'm talking about.

Now, the question is can they take their game to the next level?

Their last three games are a microcosm of their consistency.

This is a team that relies on Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis hitting big threes in the last few minutes to win.

They are a wide open team that comes back from 10 point deficits as quickly as they give them away.

In a home game against the Pacers on Sunday they came back to win a game that nobody, including me, thought they should have won.

Two days later, in Minnesota, they let the Timberwolves crawl back into a game that they led by 20 before closing the game out in the final 5 minutes.

Then, playing a back to back the next night, they set an NBA record for steals (12) in the first quarter before blowing a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter.

Their style of play gives me heart palpitations that I fear may lead me to an early end. They were never as bad as that game they blew against Utah last season where just 2 free throws would have won a road playoff game. (I lost $700 on that game by the way)

Speaking of the A's, some of you remember my Station to Station segments on AN and I have been so consumed with all things Raider that I've lost a bit of my focus on the Green and Gold.

From the realm of "Captain Obvious", Billy Beane didn't just break up the team that went to the 2006 ALCS, he stuck dynamite into an orifice an Blew it UP!!!

Unless Eric Chavez heals in time, the team that takes the field on Opening Day in Japan will not have ONE starter that started against Detroit in October of 2006.

I lost it last year when I saw this process beginning. The day that Milton Bradley was sent to San Diego I threw my hands in the air and like the Frenchman I am, I surrendered.

Then, when I saw Arizona and Colorado in the playoffs, I saw two VERY young teams battling for the right to go to the World Series. Seeing those two teams battling and competing with such young rosters made me WISH that the A's could rebuild this team.

Sure, IF the A's would have had a new stadium in 2000, Tim Hudson, Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada (My prayers are with him), Barry Zito and Mark Mulder would still be on this team IF there were a revenue stream that would support it.

I am thinking that 2008 will be similar to 1999 in results.

This team CAN finish .500. I am actually looking forward to seeing the next Big Three and MVPs break into the League and earn their stripes.

The best part about this NEXT Love Affair is that we SHOULD be able to keep them around.

Go Raiders, A's, Warriors!!!!