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Oakland Raider News: Who's Your Choice?

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As an avid FOOTBALL fan, I have watched nearly every playoff football weekend for 27 years.

There is nothing like playoff football. Each week it is win or go home and there is nothing like one game for all the marbles. Each week is a 7th game of the Series.

As an even MORE avid RAIDER fan, I always root for or against certain teams because of their Raiders ties. It is because of Charles Woodson being a Packer now, even more than Brett Favre's intrigue, that I want Green Bay to win the Super Bowl. It is also because of the "Snow Job" and "Spy Gate" that I want the Patriots to lose every game that they play, regardless of the fact that my brother dated Tom Brady's sister and that some of my boys are good friends with him.

This weekend gives us a chance to watch some ex-Raiders and others with Bay Area ties:

Giants: Ex-Raiders: Kevin Boothe, Dave Tollefson
        Local Guys: Amani Toomer (De La Salle)

Packers: Charles Woodson, James Jones (San Jose St.), Desmond Bishop (Cal), Aaron Rodgers (Cal)

Chargers: Who cares, IT'S THE FREAKING CHARGERS!!! (The reason Rodney Harrison is a Pat is because he didn't want to play against the Chargers twice a year)

Pats: Who Cares, I hate them all.

So, who did I miss? And which way do you lean?