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Oakland Raider Draft: Bios On The Lesser Knowns - Dexter Jackson

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I have been ranting so much about Erin Henderson, Jamie Silva, Marcus Monk and Dexter Jackson that I doubt they are secrets around these parts anymore.

Then, in a conversation with ChinaBob, I realized that I haven't put together bios on these guys yet, so, how should you know them?

The player that intrigues me the most on this list is Dexter Jackson, so I'll start with him.

Jackson became a household name in Michigan when his speed helped lead Appalachian State to a VERY improbable victory over Michigan on the Opening Week of the College Football Season.

Dexter is #2, (Swearing Warning In Video May Be unsuitable for Minors)

Imagine Dexter Jackson, with his 4.3 speed, running under JaMarcus Russell's passes!?!?

He is the perfect slot receiver in Lane Kiffin's system.

Kiffin loves calling quick hitches and reverses and Dexter's playmaking ability makes him a perfect fit in this NEW Raider offense.

Jackson had 35 touches (29 Catches, 5 rushes) last season and he took the ball to pay dirt 9 times (8 receptions, 1 carry) while gaining 762 yards. That means that, roughly, every four times he touched the ball he scored and he averaged 22.9 yards a reception and 14.8 yards a carry.

You might look at those numbers and think that they are a product of playing in a lesser Conference, BUT, he had his best game in the BIG HOUSE against Michigan.

Against Michigan he had 4 touches (3 catches, 1 rush) for 111 yards and two TDs. That is nearly 28 yards and a touchdown for every two touches!!!

If he were in an offense that threw the ball more, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have had the numbers to be in the Top 3 rounds.

Dexter is a steal of a sixth or seventh rounder. Being that he is the fastest player in this draft he will probably find his way onto the Silver and Black roster without much lobbying from me, but, I'll say it now...IF he gets swept up in the 5th round, then trading that 5th rounder for 3/4 of a season of Gerard Warren was a HUGE mistake.

Drafting a player like Dexter Jackson in the late rounds will allow the Raiders to fix the defense FIRST and then get a playmaker later.