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Senior Bowl Update: At The Half

Well, all of my favorites are moving up the ladder:

Trevor Laws would be my pick IF Ellis or Dorsey are not selected in the first round. Trevor has been a beast on the D-Line. He was shown off a nice spin move as well as some great power rushing.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie may have just moved up into the first round. He showed that he moves on the ball at an NFL level AND he can already tackle better than any Raider CB.

Wesley Woodyard has made some nice tackles and is playing as advertised as a solid tackler who is quick to pursue running backs. If he can transition to SS, and he is available in the 4th Round, Woodyard can be just the guy we are looking for to replace Stu.

Adarius Bowman is a great target and he came up with a nice TD grab in the end zone that was ruled incomplete. It was a terrible call and he impressed me nonetheless.

Sedrick Ellis is a load and his safety of Andre Woodson has him quickly moving up the Draft Charts. He may just be the pick IF McFadden, Dorsey and Long are gone, AND, the Raiders draft 4th.

There are still two players that I haven't seen yet, Eddie Royal and Dexter Jackson, that I am looking at as slot receivers for next year's team.


I would like that draft too!!!

If we pick fourth.

Other players that are doing well:

Connor and Rivers are showing that one of them will probably be in New England next year. They have both forced turnovers and are the two best linebackers in the game.

None of the QBs have impressed me.

On the Lane Kiffin front, I think he is gone.

Al Davis is torturing him by leaking this story while Lane has the entire NFL spotlight on him. This is status quo for Al Davis around Super Bowl Week.

Lane has not worn Raider gear all week and we may have actually seen the last of him in Raider gear when he coached against San Diego.

Stay tuned.