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Senior Bowl Update: Recap: Lane Kiffin Blows Another One

Once again the inexperience of Lane Kiffin showed it's UGLY head again.

Sure, it was an All-Star game, BUT, it was still a game. There are times when you kick field goals and there are times when you go for two.

Just like in the Raider's final game of the season, Lane Kiffin went for it on fourth down in a situation when the "Football Book" says, 100%, that you kick a field goal. Just like in the Charger game, the team was unsuccessful and that allowed Mike Nolan's South team, who'd correctly kicked a field goal on a fourth down play from the one to make it a one score game, to provide all of us who watched this game with a spectacular finish and a victory for the home team.

Lane was about to blow it earlier as well, when, after Adarius Bowman seemed to score a TD to put them up 15-7, Lane was sending them out to go for two!!!

Lane, an extra point makes it a 9 point lead and that makes it a two score game. IF you don't make the two point conversion it is an 8 point lead and that means that it is a one possession game.

Having NEVER been the guy who calls the shots in these situations in HIS LIFE before joining the Raiders, we should NOT be surprised.

Maybe he should check his ego and start listening to those around him who have the experience.