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Oakland Raiders News: Who Does Lane Kiffin Think He Is!?

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I really hope that when Monte Kiffin visited his son in Mobile this week he had a conversation that EVERY father should have with his son when his EGO gets in the way of his ass.

It should go something like this:

Son Of Monte: Daddy, Big Bad AL wouldn't let me Fire Robby so I'm taking my toys and going home.

Monte: Son, did you make a commitment to Coach the Raiders for three years?

SOM: Yeah, daddy, but that was when Al said I could do whatever I wanted with his football team...

Monte: Son, grow a sack...There is no whining in football!!! By the way, what was your record last year? Wasn't it YOU who traded Randy Moss for a bag of chips, didn't start JaMarcus until the last week of the season, had Dominic Rhodes ride the pine while you played your favorite little Huggy Bear and started McCown over Daunte? I don't even want to talk about you blowing the Charger game or asking your players to be "In" while you floated your name out there for every MAJOR College job. Son, you have a ways to go and it looks like Al is making you grow up a bit. So, nut up, take responsibility for what you've done and take your thumb out of your mouth!!!

Raider Nation, I am sick of this mess, and, NO, I DO NOT BLAME AL!!!

Lane Kiffin had never even been the Head Coach of a Powder Puff team before he got here and he has made a MOUNTAIN of mistakes in 12 months. There is no way he should be trying to throw around his 180 pounds in Oakland.

He should "Wear IT". He should wear his 4-12 season and focus on getting better. Period.

I really hope that this is just the ESPN Raider Hater week and that this all blown way out of proportion, because IF Lane is really doing what we keep hearing, then I want his ASS gone.