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Al Saunders Is An Upgrade Over Lane Kiffin:

Putting your LOVE for Lane Kiffin aside, let's take a look at what may be in store IF He and his BFF, Mark Jackson, are shown the door.

FORMER TROJAN, Al Saunders, is interviewing in Oakland today. This is the same Al Saunders who put together the highest rated offense in the NFL in 2004 and put together the 5th best passing offense in 2007 with the unproven Jason Campbell and "Journeyman" Todd Collins under center.

He believes in getting the ball DOWNFIELD and would be a great tutor for JaMarcus Russell.

Al Davis is a 100% believer in offensive coaches being Head Coaches. Al Saunders would fit the bill perfectly.

Dumping Saunders was a HUGE blunder by the Redskins, perhaps as large as the Falcons dumping Cable last year. Now, let's hope that IF Kiffin is gone Al and Tom will be working together to get the ball downfield with McFadden, Bush and Russell.

Oops, did I say McFadden???