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Is Raider Nation Ready To Join ESPN and KNBR For A Crow Buffet?

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Tums were in short supply this weekend around the Raider Nation.

Friday Night, ESPN, which stands for Eastern Sports Pundits Nation on the West Coast reported that Lane Kiffin was sent a letter of resignation by Al Davis and that Denny Green had been contacted about taking the reigns of the Silver and Black.

That led to a weekend of reporters talking poorly about Al Davis and the Raider Nation. Mike Golic was bold enough to state that THIS TEAM WOULD NOT GO ANYWHERE UNTIL AL DAVIS STEPS DOWN.

You'd think that one of these days they'll doa special on HOW OLD the Raider team was that went to the Super Bowl in 2002 and how long it takes to replace EVERY position on your team. Heck, we are still two drafts away from being rebuilt.

Another culprit in this defamation weekend was the local station in the Bay Area, KNBR, which stands for Know Nothing Bullshit Radio, was quick to jump on the bandwagon and instantly skewer Al Davis and those of us that still held him in high regard.

By Saturday even the Nation was in an uproar, DEMANDING that Al Davis step aside...Some on this site even said that IF Lane was fired they would not renew their season tickets...

All of you who joined in on the Raider Hanging should be ashamed of yourselves. I even had one poster come onto this site and tell me that "I'd better check myself" for pointing out how Lane Kiffin could have deserved getting a letter of resignation sent to him.

You all should also know that ESPN and KNBR cannot be trusted. I wouldn't be surprised to see a defamation lawsuit filed against ESPN, soon.

There are stories coming out NOW about how Lane could have bit the hand that fed him and deserved the letter which was "supposedly" drafted...

By now, it should be obvious to everybody that Lane Kiffin has a HUGE ego.

Now, I am NOT lambasting for this, I actually like him having a BIG ego. Lane Kiffin is young and will get better, but he has to be taught and even put in check IF he will not listen to reason. This is the ONLY way he will grow.

The beating did not stop yesterday when Lane Kiffin interviewed James Lofton for a position on the coaching staff. Wouldn't you know that Rod Brooks had the audacity to say on KNBR that Lane Kiffin was not present for the interview?!?!

Well, according to Jerry McDonald, Lane interviewed Lofton yesterday and we should expect an announcement in the next couple of days.

So, now, the Nation is resting and all of this talk Kiffin leaving is taking a backseat.

Maybe the next time that one of these, "sources", reports something that discredits Raider Nation we can stand together and rebuke those idiots. And now, MAYBE, those of you who blew a fuse can write a pro-Raider/Al Davis article and post it in the Diary section...And be sure to list your favorite crow recipe.