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Saint's Top 10 For The 2008 Draft:

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#1 Jake Long OT - Michigan - Long is a back to back All American LT from Michigan. He is agile and has the strength to dominate his area.

Drafted #1 Miami

If John Beck is their QB of the future, then he will need to have his blindside protected.

Long will also open up Huge holes for Brown and Ricky Williams when they return from injury.

#2 Glen Dorsey DT - LSU - Dorsey is everything you want from a defensive tackle. He is dominant in the middle of the defense and reminds me a lot of Reggie White. He can stuff the run AND rush the passer.

Draft #2 St. Louis

The Rams have many needs on both sides of the ball, BUT QB AND RB are not one of them. McFadden and the QB's are safe here.

Dorsey can be THE stabilizing defensive lineman for the next decade in St. Louis and he is a no brainer for that team.

I look for them to draft an O-Lineman or WR in the top of the 2nd.

#3Darren McFadden - RB - Arkansas - He has all the potential in the World. He rushed for over 4,500 yards in College (4,590) and was the Heisman runner up TWICE!!! He is the Biggest PLAYMAKER in this draft and could tempt someone to move up, a la Mike Ditka for Ricky Williams, and net the team with the #3 pick a boatload of picks.

Drafted By: Atlanta Falcons #3 or Raiders trade pick

This would be the best news in Atlanta since the South won the Civil War!!! :)

No, seriously though, a player like McFadden can carry the fans through this difficult time.

The fans will come out and see their STAR running back.

This is a deep draft so the Falcons can add more pieces with their high picks in the 2nd and third.

#4 Matt Ryan - QB - Boston College -He has already been compared to Tom Brady and the comparisons are definitely fair. The really scary thing about Matt Ryan is that he is 6 foot 6, so he'll be able to get a better look down the NFL field than Brady.

His potential may force the Dolphins to take him #1 overall. If that happens then expect the Raiders to keep their pick and Glen Dorsey...If Not...

Raider Trade with Jets or Panthers

I believe that Ryan is the best QB coming out this year and he will be zeroed in on as heads and shoulders above Woodson and Brohm.

The Jets would have to include their 2nd round pick as well.

The Panthers would have to give up their 2nd and 3rd round picks and maybe a 2nd rounder next year too.

Both teams desperately need a QB and the Raiders would have to trade with Carolina in order to even have a 3rd round pick. In a draft this deep the Raiders will want that 3rd rounder and a bonus 2nd.

#5 Chris Long - DE - Virginia - The son of Howie Long is proving to be just as tough and mean as his father. Chris Long is rated by some draft boards as the #1 player available in this draft and he could go even higher than #5, but to me he is the 5th best player in this draft and 2nd best D-Lineman. If the Raider happen to land Dorsey and Long ends up in KC, Howie's kid may haunt the Raiders for 10 years!!!

Drafted by Kansas City

One thing about the AFC West is that games are won and lost on the defensive line.

There are three potent rushing offenses and three QB's who can really get the ball downfield, so if you are NOT plugging the run and putting pressure on the QB, you have already lost the game.

Chris Long and Jared Allen will make the KC D-Line the best in Football.

#6 Brian Brohm - QB - Louisville - Without Petrino his Senior season fizzled as did the entire Louisville team's.

He has the ability to play sooner than Matt Ryan, but I think Ryan throws a better ball and has better instincts.

Drafted by Jets #6

IF they do not get Ryan then Brohm will be a nice consolation prize. Going into the season, Brohm was a Top 3 pick and he will be a good QB in this League.

# 7 Andre Woodson - QB - Kentucky - Once again, these QB choices have been difficult. Woodson has had a rating over 100 in each of his full seasons as a starter (2) and Ryan hasn't even had one over 90 in four seasons. I just think that Ryan will be the best NFL quarterback of the three.

Drafted by Panthers if Raider deal falls through. New England will get Panther's #13 pick and ANOTHER 2nd rounder for this trade. (The Rich get Richer!!!)

Everyone has the Pats drafting a linebacker. Keith Rivers and Laurinaitis may BOTH be available at #13.

Woodson would be a great fit in Carolina. It is time for them to get a young QB and build around him. Carr, Testeverde and DelHomme are just NOT getting it done.

#8 Sedrick Ellis - DT - USC - He draws comparisons to Warren Sapp and those comps are well deserved. He has a low center of gravity which he uses to get under and around blockers. He is quick for a big man and is an excellent run stuffer.

Drafted By - Baltimore #8

He will add youth to a defense that needs some revitalization. He is a perfect fit in their scheme and will be able to get to the QB a whole lot with all of the blitzes coming off of the corners.

#9 Ryan Clady - OT Boise - He is coming out after his Junior year and could end up being as good as Jake Long. He has a very powerful build and may have even been a Top 3 pick next year.

Drafted by - Cincinatti (9)

The biggest holes on this team are on the defensive side of the ball, BUT, the most important player on this team is Carson Palmer and he needs better protection.

#10 Derek Harvey - DE - He may end up being the best D-Lineman in this draft. He is coming out early and will be rewarded handsomely for it. His best performance was in the Biggest game of his College Career. He sacked Troy Smith 3 times in Florida's improbable National Championship last season.

Drafted by New Orleans

This will be a steal for a team with as much talent as the Saints have. Look for Harvey to make an immediate impact.

Well, that is my Top 10, as of today!!!

With more and more underclassmen declaring each day, this list MAY change.

After going through this list, I just don't see Kenny Phillips as being a Top 10 pick. Maybe we can move down to 13 and still get him!?!?!

In fact, IF Malcolm Kelly and DeSean declare I think it is a distinct possibility.

Best of the rest:

Antione Cason - CB - Arizona
Kenny Phillips - S - Miami
Dan Connor - LB - Penn State
Mike Jenkins - CB - Southern Florida
Keith Rivers - OLB - USC
Sam Baker - OT - USC

If Carolina wants to move up, the Raiders could grab:

Philip Wheeler or Erin Henderson - ILB - GT/MD
Eddie Royal - WR - VT

I'd be happy with that.

There is still a hole on the D-Line that Sands/Kelly and Warren will have to fill, but any combo of those four players would be tough to pass up.