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Oakland Raiders News 01-08-08: The 9 Days of Our Lives Raider Fan Roller Coaster

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WOW!!! So, the off-season has become more intriguing than watching the Oakland Raiders "Team-Build" during the Regular Season.

In only 9 days since the last snap of the Raider's season there have been many intriguing events.

  1. Warren Sapp bows to the Coliseum Grid Iron before he heads to the locker room, intriguing the inquiring minds of the press to uncover that he is probably retiring and will let us know in a few days.
  2. The fans are told that Rob Ryan will be coaching the Jet defense next year after saying good-bye to many of his players after the game.
  3. A tie breaker with KC gives the Raiders no lower than the 4th pick in the upcoming draft
  4. Lane Kiffin made his choice for Defensive Coordinator...Aparently...
  5. We find out that his choice is,, or is it? He must know that the Bucs DO NOT let their assistants leave until AFTER their contracts expire.
  7. With Ryan staying, there is speculation that Lane Kiffin may be going. It is ASS-U-Me-d that Lane wanted him gone and Al wanted to keep him.
  8. Ryan still has a meeting with Lord Al.
  9. Kiffin has another meeting with Lord Al.
That is where we stand, ALREADY, and the REAL playoffs haven't even started yet!!!