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Oakland Raider Draft Update: Draft as "Long" as it is Deep

Phew!!! Now that the only Bowl left to play is the Senior Bowl the draft is coming more into focus.

If everything stays the same then the Raiders will have NO third or fifth round draft choice. That means that they cannot miss on their top two picks.

The more that I think about the impact players in this draft and where they "could" or "should" go, I see Jake Long slipping to 3 or 4.

The Rams AND Miami need the most help on the D-Line.

Chris Long and Glen Dorsey remind me of Patrick Kerney and John Randle.

The more I think about this draft, the more I think that Dorsey and Long will make the largest impacts THIS year.

McFadden MAY be special, but for every ONE Adrian Peterson there are 25 Kijana Carters. And even IF McFadden has the ability, until the lines are fixed, he will be useless.

Jake Long even makes more sense than McFadden for any of the teams picking in the Top 3.

If the Raiders are drafting 3rd, they would HAVE to choose between the remaining members of the Dorsey, Long and Long Trio.

That leaves the #4 pick with the choice of strengthening their lines (Clady, Ellis),  getting a QB (Ryan, Brohm, Woodson) or drafting the best talent available (Darren McFadden).

Either way, 5 of those 6 names will most likely be called over the next 7 selections.

Now, assuming that the Raiders do not trade their pick I'd like to see them select Chris Long, Glen Dorsey, Jake Long or McFadden in THAT order.

Like in any draft, the first round is the EASY part and will also effect your second selection.

Last year, after drafting JaMarcus, the Raiders selected a tight end that could grow with the young QB, Zach Miller.

If the selection is Chris Long, I would love to see a follow up with Early Doucet or Jaime Silva.

I don't see Silva being around in the fourth so I'd snag him in the proper slot in the 2nd. Hopefully Lane and Al can orchestrate a trade down that gets us a third rounder and we still snag Silva.

If it is impossible to move down then I hope that Early Doucet or Limas Sweed are still available.

The presence of Kelly and James Hardy in this draft have made it possible that one of those two will make it to the Raiders in the second round at #35.

If we got Howie's son and a Top flight receiver or  a solid tackling Strong Safety I would applaud the Raider's first day.

Keep in mind that although they do not have their third round pick they did receive Mario Henderson in exchange for this year's pick.