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Game Thread 10-12-08: Oakland Raiders @ New Orleans Saints

Good Morning West Coast and nearly Good Afternoon East Coasters.

The Raiders find themselves in New Orleans, which, with the possibility of Marcus Colston and Jeremy Shockey, promises to be anything other than the "Big Easy".

The Line has moved to Oakland +7.5, so I'm putting 50 on them to win and 50 to cover.

Here is the ESPN Preview.

This is From The Raiders "Official" Site.

This is a good write-up from Canal Strreet Chronic-als.


By the way, I HATE Warren Sapp now. I detest the fact that that fat ass took Al's millions, professed to be the leader of Ryan's Defense and has now joined the muckity mucks that like to pile on the team that had the losingest record while he was here. Perhaps your ability to stop the run contributed to that Warren?