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Oakland Raiders News: Personalize Your Own Jets Preview and You may See It On The NY Times NFL Blog

As I mentioned last week, I was contacted by the writers from the NY Times NFL Blog to do a write-up that they would post as part of their Jets/Raider preview. I was able to work it out so that someone in our community can join me in this great experience and here is how it will work:

First Off, this is what they are looking for:

What I have in mind is a professional exchange of sorts for the Jets game. What I propose is for you (and however many of your blogging
cronies want to play along) to analyze the game in about 100 words or less,
and then pick the score.

For my idea, you’d start first with a sentence or two that introduced
yourself, and your blog. Just as a means of promoting yourself and your
blog. Then you write 100 words about the game. Most ask a question and then
answer it, but you can do whatever you want. When you are done, you pick a
score for the game. And call it good. O.K.?

Your introductory stuff and your prediction do not count against your word
count. And, to be honest, just get close to 100 words. I am not going to
trim you to fit; 110 would be fine, 150 would not. I have included links to
examples of what we have already done.


Here is how we will choose a winner:

Vote for your favorite by recommending it. You can do that by clicking on the recommend option under the post. The one with the most votes by 5PM tomorrow will be the winner.


There is a lot of meat on this bone for Sunday's game, so don't hold back and let the world know how you feel this game will turn out.