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Oakland Raiders News: This Saint Is Praying For Redemption This Sunday

I have not been able to write this week because of the feeling that last Sunday's game left in my entire body.

My mind raced with thoughts of a team that looked like the 2006 debacle of a "team" that played it's way to 2-14.

Last Sunday my eyes saw a passionless bunch just going through the motions.

My heart turned painful cartwheels when it became obvious that the team was playing with NO heart themselves.

I really don't have any answers this week...I only have hope.

I hope that the team comes out and plays hard at home. I care less about the final score that I do about the team playing hard for Coach Cable.

I hope that Schillens and Higgins can stretch the field so that Walker, McFadden and Miller can make some plays underneath.

I hope that Al Davis doesn't decide that he wants to see J-Russ throw the ball 35 times again and let's the coaching staff call the plays that make this team the best.

But, most of all I hope for redemption for this team.

Most people really don't get the Raiders and their organization. It is a team that revolves around love and respect for the Raiders, and that starts at the top.

Players around the League say things like, "Nobody wants to play there" and "That Country is a rotting corpse"...Oops that was Iran talking about Israel...But, it very may well have been any hater speaking about the Raider Nation.

There comes a point, as fans, where we become sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I am just about there...I need some redemption for my Raiders or, in a football fan sense, I may actually lose it.

I am sick and tired of all of the shots that this organization, and the man who loves this team the best, Al Davis, is taking and there is only one way to redeem and restore our Nation. Just WIN BABY!!! Just Win!!!