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Oakland Raiders News: Sweet, Sweet Redemption:

Every moment of the past 5+ years of futility was on display yesterday, and each was overcome in one of the most fulfilling and exciting victories since 2002.

There was our left tackle taking 6 points off the board with a penalty.

There were crucial penalties for stupid things like "Not Lining Up Properly" that also took points off of the board and ended offensive drives while extending defensive possessions.

There was a last second time-out that turned a Raider victory into an overtime game.

There were key drops on crucial downs.

And the Quarterback on the other side was none only than Brett Farve, the man whom I personally point to as the beginning of the Raider decline when he blew Oakland out on Monday Night and embarrassed them by throwing for 4 TDs.

All of this was erased by a defense that dug in and did not let the Jet offense make big plays.

All of this was erased by Trevor Scott sacking Favre...Twice.

All of this was erased by DeAngelo Hall blanketing his man, picking off a pass and nearly getting two more.

All of this was erased by Tommy Kelly dominating his man and constantly pushing him into the defensive backfield.

All of this was erased by Jamarcus Russell leading a game winning drive in overtime.

All of this was erased by Javon Walker who knelt in amazement in the end zone, extended his arms high into the clear blue sky and basked in the glory of his first touchdown since 2006, and more importantly his first in Silver and Black.

All of this was erased by Gibril Wilson looking more like Ronnie Lott than Stuart Schweigert and picking a ball in the endzone to kill a drive and regularly breaking up passes and tackling the ball carrier.

All of this was erased by a kicker that, being drafted in the first round, made many in the league scoff at All Davis, kicking a Raider Record 57 yard field goal to win it.

All of this was erased by a decibal level inside the Coliseum that I have not heard or felt since 2002.

All of this was erased by the redemtion of taking all of the failures for the past 5+ years, rolling them into a ball and through hard work and determination completely squashing them.

This win was huge in many ways, and there is work to be done. That in itself is something to be excited about. There are huge levels of improvement that are possible for every aspect of this team, yet they have now found a way to win in the end.

How does it feel Nation?

How does it feel to see ALL of the players that Mr. Davis spent BIG MONEY on in the off-season perform at a high level?

If they can go into Baltimore and come out victorious then many of the pundits and haters would have to start saying good things about the Raiders or just shut the hell up.