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Oakland Raiders News: Optimism Is Difficult to Kill

One of the most beautiful things about football is that it is only a 16 game season. Each game counts for 6.33 percent of your teams wining percentage. That puts the largest weight on each victory of any major sport in America, bar none.

It seems that every year, there is a team that is 0-2 or 2-4 that ends up 10-6, or better, and in the Playoffs. Heck, last season the Giants started off 0-2 and won the SB. The Chargers started off 1-3 and went to the AFC Championship Game.

The keys to each of these teams is that they put together 5 or 6 wins in a row and that gave them wins in 32-38% of their games in a row.

That would be like the A's winning 50-60 games in a row or the Warriors winning 25-30 games in a row!!!

So, don't laugh when I say it, but, the Raiders can win 5-6 in a row IF they can win this week.

This weekend's game is as large a game as the Raiders have played since the Super Bowl.

After five seasons where this team has tallied only five wins, in their best season, this team is coming off of as big a win as they've had AND they only trail the Broncos and Chargers by one game in the loss column.

Now, with that being said, I DO NOT expect them to win in Baltimore. No way, no how...BUT...IF THEY DID, that could be THE stepping stone that they would need to become relevant in the AFC West again.

With Atlanta, Carolina, Miami, Denver and Kansas City on the schedule after this weekend, IF, the Raiders can stop McGehee, pressure Flacco and win the Special Teams game don't be surprised IF the Raiders are ruling the West by December by running off 6 wins in a row.