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Pregame Thread: Showing J-Russ Some Love


I find it laughable that the “experts” LOVE Joe Flacco and his two touchdowns and seven picks, yet, everyone shrugs off the performance of JaMarcus Russell.


I have to be the voice of reason here. JaMarcus Russell is surpassing my expectations.


He has shown to be a more than capable game manager and he has also shown the ability to drive the team downfield when they need a score.


He is also playing very well within the confines that surround him.


Al Davis went out and got him a number one receiver, Javon Walker, who, for some reason Lane Kiffin never called plays for, and a player who could stretch the field, Drew Carter, who had become J-Russ’s favorite target before suffering a season ending injury before the season started.


Until last week, neither had been a factor, yet, JaMarcus marched on. Hitting his tight end and running backs or throwing the ball away.


Now that Lane’s “Scholarship” boy, Curry is on the bench and Chaz Schillens has taken his place, the largest weakness of this team is getting stronger. And that’s what we need right now…Baby Steps and little tweaks that will make this offense flow.


I don’t know if you saw this if you weren’t at the game last week, but, on one of Schillens’ catches he was being held all the way across the middle on a crossing pattern and he broke out just in time to snag a Russell pass for a short gain and a first down. I loved seeing the competitive spirit and toughness on display. It has been all too often that a receiver just throws his hands up and looks for a flag instead of finishing off the play. In this case, Chaz made an under the radar play that clearly separates him from Ronald Curry in my mind.


Fire, passion (and some nice hands) are what will help this receiving corp team with Russell to put points on the board.


I don’t even think that I need to point out the fire that Javon has played with for the past two weeks. He is fighting for extra yards and making some VERY smooth catches. I noticed last Sunday how much more polished he is than any of our receivers. He gets his hands in proper position to catch any pass. I was really impressed with him and I am hoping for more of the same today. Let’s hope that those touchdowns DO become contagious.


Yes, this piece started out complimenting J-Russ for a job well done, and that is how it should end.


JaMarcus, you have done one helluva job operating under less than ideal circumstances, and I have complete confidence that as this team progresses the national media will be looking back at this stage of your career and noticing all of the things that we already know.


Keep up the good work kid, the Nation is pulling for you!!!