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Game Thread 10-26-08: Oakland Raiders @ Baltimore

Well, the bad news is in:

D-Mac has been deactivated today.


The Good News is:

D-Mac has been deactivated today:


You just knew that the Ravens would be tweaking that ankle under the pile. I am hoping that this is just the Raiders wanting him to last the season and not that the foot/toe has gotten worse. If that is the case, I love the move.


Here are Bud Light's picks:

Raiders score more than 14 points
Ravens score less than 21.5 points
Miller has more than 35.5 yards

Raiders score first
First half UNDER 17.5
Raiders PLUS 4.5 first half
Raiders $$ line and under 34.5
Raiders PLUS 7 under 36

I bolded the one's that I especially like