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Postgame Impressions and Takes: B-More Beats Us Again

Since "Fat Ass", as he's still known around these parts, Tony Siragusa, flopped on Rich Gannon, it seems that the Ravens have our number.

Today would prove to be no different, as the Raiders, who came to play for the second week in a row, made enough breakdowns against the Ravens to once again get Beat Down by B-Town.

Today it wasn't Shannon Sharpe who juked the safety and took a clinching score to the house, it was the fifth option on a passing play who went uncovered by Gibril Wilson and wasn't even noticed until Joe Flacco had 7 seconds to pass, that scored from 70 yards out.

You'd think that by this reaction I wouldn't have much "good: to say, but, that could not be further from the truth.

The Raiders came out and played conservatively on offense and took some chances on defense from the gate.

The offense was dry and unimaginitive until they ordered JaMarcus to throw the ball, and then they looked a little better. T

The defense was stout, yet could not get to Joe Flacco and allowed over 150 yards on the ground.

There is definitely not a member of this board that expected a win today, and I am sure that we all saw some positives.

- This team is playing for Tom Cable and that is nice to see. When Kiffin was fired I was a bit nervous about whether or not the players would see it as a sign that the season was being cashed in. That hasn't happened.

- DeAngelo Hall is having a fantastic season. After having a career worst day against the Broncos to start the season, DeAngelo has realized that he will actually see a ton of balls. He has adjusted to this and is getting better reads than the receivers on most balls that are thrown his way.

- Gibril Wilson has been a difference maker on our defense. When we signed him, I wondered if he'd be the Bob Sanders type that we needed. I doubt that anyone even cares how much money Al Davis gave HIM. He has brought multiple missing dimensions to our defense. He tackles hard and forces fumbles and both of those functions have been missing in Oakland from a safety for many years.

- Zach Miller is having the kind of season that will look better in a few years. He has been a constant protector in pass coverage and still manages to make a long catch every game.

- Chaz Schilens fought hard for his catches and yards today. It looks like last season's draft could have just been the 1st and 7th rounds. When the passing offense FINALLY finds a rhythm, Chaz will break out.

I do have to also point out the things that drove me crazy!!!

- I hated seeing Tom Cable waste the final seconds of the First Half. The Raiders should have had 35-40 seconds left on the clock and had the ball on their own 35. I would have liked to see the passing offense try and get into Janikowski FG Range.

- Jay Richardson had the worst game that I've seen him have in a long time. He missed a key tackle on the 97 yard drive that would have forced a punt from the Baltimore end zone.

- I have to give Morrison and Gibril a pass on their whiffs on Ray Rice because they definitely make those plays MUCH more often than not.

- The offensive line did a formidable job on most downs, but when they got blown up, it all happened at once. The Mario Henderson at Left Tackle Campaign may get a full bown wind in it's sails this week. we shall see.

Well, S&BP, what are your impressions and takes?