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AFC West Open Game Thread:

The Chiefs are taking on the Carolina Panthers in Carolina:

The Chargers Find Themselves in Miami:

While The Donkeys Host Tampa:


The Chiefs and Denver find themselves with very tough challenges while  the Chargers should handle Miami in Miami with ease...Then again, that the Patriots had the Dolphins in Foxboro las week and got blasted!!!

My Picks:

Tampa by 10 - The strength of Tampa's team is their ability to stop the pass and get turnovers in the passing game. The weakness of the Broncos is their, they can't stop anybody, except for the conservative Raiders in Week One.

Chargers by 14: Last week was a wake-up call for the Bolts and i expect them to pass and run all over the Dolphins.

Panthers by 10: The Chiefs are who we think they are, the worst team in the AFC NOT playing in Ohio.

I am getting the Charger game on my TV, so I'll update that one more often.

AT the end of the day, I expect there to be a logjam at the top of the Division.