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Oakland Raiders News: A Few Quick Hits

- It is "Saints" Week, so I'm hoping that it is Saint's Week.

- I Loved how Jack Del Rio, a real coach and a real man at that, asked for his owner's blessing before demoting Byron Leftwich and promoting David Garrard. That is how it is supposed to be done. (Note to Kiffin...Especially when it's in your contract)

- The roster is apparently all systems GO for the game on Sunday, which means that, Smash (Bush), Crash (Fargas) and Dash (McFadden) should rack up big yards on the ground in the BIG EASY.

- Rookie DT Sedrick Ellis will be out and that can only be good news for the running game.

- I am excited to see just how many catches Javon Walker gets this week and IF Chaz Shillens will finally be unleashed on the NFL. The more that I learn about Lane Kiffin, the more I see him as a TINY man who holds grudges and a little part of me thinks that he may have shelved Javon.

- I wonder if we will see a proper balanced attack this week? You know where you run to set up the play action or when you pass to set up draws and soften up the middle of the defense. This is what Cable has mentioned and I know that Knapp can do a fantastic job, I'm just hoping that he does.

- New Orleans is averaging 414 yards per game (3rd in the League) with 327 of them coming through the air. Our run defense has been stout so this should be a test for Nnamdi, Hall and our pass rush. In fact this will be their biggest test yet.

- With two weeks to prepare for this game I am expecting the raiders to win this game. I expect 200 yards rushing. The Saints give up an average of 122 yards a game and 5.2 yards a carry (Tied with the Broncos for last) and they have not seen a running game like the Raiders, when healthy, yet.


Go Raiders!!!!