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Oakland Raiders News: Game Planning For The Saints

LiveAdam and I started comparing notes last night, so I figured that we should start a thread for all of us that saw New Orleans last night or that want to look up stats to help form the perfect game plan for Sunday's game.



- Big question: Do you punt to Reggie Bush? Kiffin and special teams coach Brian Schneider dared Devin Hester to beat them last year and covered him well. I say give Lechler and Branch at least one opportunity to knock Bush in the mouth, but depending on the situation, punt it out of bounds.

- Also, Reggie Bush has a serious case of fumblitis. The back 7 need to hit him hard and try to knock that ball loose.

- Vikings had more success running between the tackles than running to the edge. Even without Sedrick Ellis, the Saints D-line did an admirable job in stopping Peterson and Taylor.

- Play action: The Saints had 8 men in the box for a significant number of plays to stop Peterson/Taylor. If they game plan the same way for us there should be ample opportunities to throw with play action.



- For starters, Drew Brees likes to throw at the blitz. Every time the Vikes blitzed he looked for the receiver on the blitz side first, usually Bush out of the backfield. That should be something that the Raider’s quick secondary and linebackers can take advantage of. By disguising blitzes and knocking Bush on his butt when they do blitz, they should have Drew Brees second guessing by the second quarter.

- Secondly, I think that Thomas Howard should shadow Reggie Bush. Howard has the quickness to keep “near” him and his ball hawking skills may produce a turnover or two. Just as Ryan challenged Huff to take Gates and Gonzalez out of games last season, I'd like to see him challenge Howard this week.

- Finally, the most success that the Vikings had was on deep balls. With the Saints having a VERY thin defensive backfield this will be the game for JaMarcus to go UP TOP JONES to get a lead and then have Smash, Crash and DASH run us to victory. I'd look for Miller in the seam and Schillens and Higgins on deep posts and go routes.


The Raider Way:

In the Words of Cable, "Attack, attack attack". The Saints offense while extremely prolific, will be playing right into the Raiders’ defensive strength – SPEED, especially at linebacker.

On offense, the Raiders will have to concentrate on the between the tackles runs which will be best suited for, “crash”, Mr. Fargas. Also, while the Saints did a tremendous job against Peterson, the Vikings do not run the ZBS, and the Saints were very quick to fill the gaps. This Sunday, the ZBS should be able to counter that defense successfully.


Silver Shark: (Welcome)

- The Raiders will have to score on defense or special teams, better if both to win in Saintville.

- Do not like going into another teams house while they are on a losing streak. Teams seem to correct their situation when playing the Raiders.

- You have Grant going against cornell Green, and Will Smith going up against Harris. Those match-ups do not fair well in the Raiders favor.

This is not the game to become pass happy as AL Davis wants. We have to utilize the run more than ever. Forget about the saints containing Peterson, that was their game plan on defense to stack the line, and the vikes game plan was to throw. If the Raiders do show they can contain Smith and grant and do an average job against the blitz then yes the passing game could do some damage.

- Saints secondary is weak and they lost Porter for the season. But most of all our defense will have to play all 4 qtr’s at a great level to beat Bree’s and company.

- Both the saints and Raiders could be 3-1 at this point. Should be! We are 7-5-1 against the saints with a tie record playing in New O. 2-2-1<2-1 against them in the month of October. I just have a bad feeling that this game could get out of hand.

- People can say what they want, but the turmoil over the weeks might finally effect this team this week. I fear a 35-10 score. I hope to GOD I am dead wrong! Ryan better have the right game plan for our defense this time. He has Al’s blessing, so Davis can’t blame Kiffin any longer, We shall see! Please Ryan prove Me wrong!!!!!!!!!/em>


I'll add more to this front page as they come in. So, what are your keys to defeating the Saints, who are coming off of a short week?