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Oakland Raiders News: It's TIME To Bring IT Oaktown!!!

The Raider Nation has been waiting for 5+ LONG years to have a moment to rally around.

Jerry Porter's (Ronald Curry's) catch on a snowy day in Denver and Nnamdi (Actually Chris Carr) taking Ben Roethlesberger from end zone to end zone are the ONLY two game stopping, jaw dropping, rally crying plays that I can recall in this long spell of futility.

That is two plays in 87 games. That is just...SAD...Really....Sad.

I guess that Seabass's 57 yarder to beat the Jets would have to be included in that mix as well, but what I am looking for is someone to step up and give us a player or play to rally around.

It could be Darren McFadden FINALLY running the Wild Hawg.

The "Wild" formation has been adapted by many teams in the NFL this year, but has been used sparingly in the system with the player who invented the role in College, Darren McFadden.

Don't think that it is by accident that the team with the #1 pick, Miami, who undoubtedly watched countless hours of D-Mac, was the first to spring this wrinkle on the League.

That formation has given Miami an identity. I ask you Raider Nation, what is OUR identity?

Our identity is more of avid fans that get dressed up like Halloween comes 16 times a year, gets drunk and then boos before drowning in their own vomit. That is how the rest of the sports world sees us.

Before the season started it looked like our identity would be that of a sack happy turnover forcing defense that complimented a conservative offense that would be Top 5 in the NFL in rushing. That would have been something huh?

Injuries to Derek Burgess, Fargas and D-Mac have slowed that train down quite a bit.

The thing that gives me the most hope is that I think Tom Cable "Get's It". Instead of pulling down his pants and showing his team his backside, he had them practicing their touchdown dances. I love THAT!!!

Let's dance and celebrate and first and foremost, score some damn touchdowns!!!

This ONE TD a game bit is getting old AND tiresome. Our new image needs to be more like our OLD image. Score touchdowns in bunches on offense and defense and knock everybody down that gets in the way.

I don't care if we get 10 penalties a game as long as they are of the aggressive type and NOT false starts and illegal formations. Give me some HARD hits that draw flags. Give me some rough stuff after the play. Let's play like freaking RAIDERS out there.

Tomorrow is THE DAY to bring it. The Falcons FIRED Cable and Knapp and gave up on D-Hall.

Tomorrow would be a perfect day for this team to establish an identity and to give us something tangible that we can look at and say, "See, those are the Raiders". maybe then the Halloween Costumes will be just decorations and NOT the sole identity.