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Let's Score 6, 7 Times On Sunday & Go for 300+ on Tuesday

Wouldn't it be sweet to see Johnnie Lee, Javon, Zack, Fargas, Hall, Bush and Russell get into the end zone on Sunday?

Now, before I go "Down That Road Again", I want to temper expectations by stating that in 7 games the Raiders have scored a total of 9 Touch Downs in 7 Games (Last in the NFL). Hoping that the Raiders would score six touchdowns in any game in 2008 would be like hoping that a "Black man Would Be Elected President by 2008 in 1950". It was possible, but how likely was it?

Every ball would have to bounce right and every player would have to contribute but Obama , oops, the Raiders can win this week in a blowout!!!


On Atlanta:

The fuel of the Atlanta offense is the High Octane connection of Matt Ryan to Roddy White and the sensational running of Michael Turner.


White is ranked 2nd in the NFL with 5 Receiving Touch Downs, 3rd in the NFL in receiving yards with 679 and 6th in the NFL in receptions with 43 through 7 weeks.

White's QB, rookie Matt Ryan, is 18th in the NFL in passing yardage with 205 yards a game passing, 20th in Passer Rating with a 79.7 Rating and has a 7-5 TD-INT ratio.

Michael Turner is 3rd in the NFL in Rushing with 655 yards and has scored 6 TDs.

I noticed a couple of interesting stats when i was doing this research:

1) Matt Ryan has only been sacked 9 times this year. (JaMarcus Russell has been sacked 18 times in the same number of games)

2) Kerry Collins has only been sacked once. (This may explain MUCH of Tennessee's success AND game plan)


The Falcons went into the bye week (Week 7), with a 4-2 mark and then lost to Philly last week, losing  by a score of 27-14 in Philly.

Both, the Packers and Chicago have already fallen to the upstart Falcons, so, it looks like the Raiders will have a tough time going for 49 points against them, but wouldn't it be nice?