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The DeAngelo-Cable-Knapp Factor:

It's really too bad that Justin Griffith will not be able to play this Sunday. Griffith would have made the number, 4, that were playing against a team that either fired them or Pro-Bowlers that left.

Each of these men was removed from the organization when the Petrino crowd moved into Atlanta.

Griffith was excused because he didn't fit Petrino's offense.

Cable was shown the door although he'd coached the #1 rushing Offensive Line in the NFL.

Knapp had to go as the OC because Petrino wanted "his guys".

DeAngelo Hall had had enough and wanted to secure his future with a team that would pay him.

Each of the latter is what led to each of these men landing in Oakland. I, for one, am very glad that each of them signed on here. Heck, the O-Line Coach, who is now the Head Coach, has the guys practicing Touch Down dances before tomorrow's home game. Once Again...I Like That!!!!

I wonder if Hall will be dancing in the end?