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Mine Has Been A Frustrating Tenure:

This Blog began when Art Shell was roaming the sideline, for a second time, and Tom Cable was an Offensive Line Coach for Michael Vick's O-Line...You KNOW that the Falcons were Vick's team.

The Offensive Coordinator, and this is no joke, had come out of retirement to run the "Vertical" Offense. The joke isn't so much as the fact that the "Vertical" Offense is obsolete, it is that he left running a Bed and Breakfast to start calling Al Davis's offense in 2006.

I know that I have not been writing very much lately, and it isn't because of time, it is because two years of writing about the Raiders, as a FAN, has drained me.

A friend of mine, Darren Cutlip, once wrote an album called "Shiftulate", and I think that "Shiftulation" has become the "Expectation" and not Progress.

I mean, how many games have the Raiders won since this Blog began?


8 WINS in 37 Games!!!!

There is no denying that these constant changes (3 HEAD COACHES in 3 years, looking like it's going to be 4 IN 4) are a detriment to this team, YET, here I go every week...WE CAN DO IT!!!

The truth is that this board has drafted better than the Raiders themselves, YET, I expect a team that gets out drafted by a message board to be able to win enough in this League to avoid the bottom!?!