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Pregame Thread: Miami Dolphins Host YOUR Oakland Raiders

I was in sales training in October with two other sales reps that are fans of the Titans and Dolphins respectively. I am bringing this up because before the season started we each thought that our teams would be better than the other, or at least the Dolphin fan, Brian, thought that the Dolphins would be as "Good" as the Raiders this season and while we acknowledged that the Titans were the best of the three teams, I was the dummy who said, "But it's not like they are near the Top of the League and they may not even make the Playoffs".

That was then, and the 'Now" is definitely bright for two of the three of us.

The Dolphins are looking like the team that I'd envisioned the Raiders being. A stout defense that pressures the QB and forces turnovers and an offense that is built around a rushing attack that has former QBs in the backfield running a Wild Hawg offense that would have Bush and McFadden throwing TD's and running the option.

The Titans aren't ONLY the best team in football, they are UNDEFEATED.

The Raiders on the other hand are already on their second head coach of the year and may not even equal last season's dismal 4-12 record.

On display in Miami today will be the team with the worst record from 2008 against the team with the 4th worst record from '08.

From the way the Dolphins have turned this thing around, bringing in a team of front office personnel who brought in their people and rusted them to turn it around, you'd think that the raiders may see this as a model going forward, heck it has worked in Atlanta as well, yet, we all know that until AL gives up control and becomes more of a mentor than a "Skelator" (That was a reference for you Smash), we are in for more of the same.

So, I'll root for the team in Silver and Black today, as I always do, but, I'll also be watching the Dolphins closely to see the difference that one year can make when things are done properly.