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Game Thread 11-02-08: Atlanta Falcons @ Oakland Raiders

The sky looks pretty cloudy, as I type this it's 7AM PST, but there are breaks of sunshine between the clouds.

Do you guys feel like I do when it's Football Day? Whether the Raiders are playing on Monday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, I always get that "Christmas Vibe" going early in the morning.

Right now, I can't wait to get out and see the usual cast of characters, some coming from as far away as Clear Lake, and start sampling the food that everyone brought. Today, I am bringing a dry rubbed tri-tip to toss on Robert's grill and I'll probably pick up a bottle of Tequilla on the way for Mike and I to share.

Man, there is nothing like it. Compas, Compadres, Homies or just Raider Nation. If you come dressed in black, you have 75,000 family members of all races and backgrounds.

With that being said, I am going to turn my attention to this tri-tip and try to make the parking lot by 9 AM.

Cheers and go RAIDERS!!!!