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2nd Half game Thread: Oakland at Denver

J-Russ is 6-6 for 83 Yards. Nice performance after returning home, to his roots, to bury his Godmother. I think that he is playing inspired football and can't wait to see what he can do in the second half.

On a sour note, It is mind boggling that this team has not scored an offensive touchdown since Moses parted the Red Sea, yet, the two offensive weapons that were working in the first half, The Wild Raider and JaMarcus Russell, were not called upon until 4th dwon when we have 4 chances to score from inside the 5 yard line.

I have my doubts after being crushed in the second half by Baltimore, but I still have HOPE that the Raiders can will this one out.

The defense, especially Chris Johnson, are playing as well as they can and will need to continue this in order to pull out this victory.