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Oakland Raiders News: The Broncos get Exposed as a FRAUD in Mile High:

Sweet, sweet...That is the taste in my mouth. As sweet as it was bitter every time I had to watch Peyton Hillis give the Mile High Salute or see Jay Cutler trying to impersonate John Elway's smugness. As sweet as Janikowski's Overtime kick over New York (Baby Saint's first Raider Game).


I wasn't able to write for a week because the feeling in my stomache, EVERY TIME I THOUGH ABOUT THE RAIDERS, was like sour acid enveloping my entire being.


Today's game has acted like Pepto for my troubled body.


I swear that it was when Darren McFadden caught his Head Coach's attention and asked for the ball, was given it, and went in for six that this game turned on a D-Mac Nickle...


We fans knew that our play calling in the red zone was vanilla and garbage all season...It all changed with a misdirection, untouched saunter into the end zone by Darren Mcfadden. He liked it SO MUCH that he returned for a second trip on a one yard power run that made the score 31-10 with 8 minutes left in the game.


We fans also ganged up on Justin Fargas for not succeeding, then he went out and racked up 107 yards!!! He Smashed and Crashed, making Michael Bush a spectator.

Of course it wasn't all about the offense...


The defense and special teams are the reason that the Raiders won...


Johnie Lee Higgins put the Raiders in the lead going into the Half with an A-Mazing return. It looks like he may be on his way!!!!


Then what about CHRIS Johnson???!!! He is an Al Davis favorite that has made me forget all about DeAngelo Hall.

It was apparent that the Donkey's Game Planned their passing attack at CJ...And he sent then away time and again.

Cutler finished 16-37 and had ZERO TDs and 1 pick...

In fact, Cutler even looked Nnamdi's way in the end, Nnamdi had a sure pick and, even though Asomugha dropped the ball, the Broncos were done.

The defense had beaten down the Donkeys and they may NOT be heard from again!!!


The Raiders are 2-2 in the Division with games against San Diego and Kansas City still on the schedule. Can I get a Let's Go OAKLAND?????