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Pre-Game Thread 11-09-08: Carolina Panthers @ Oakland Raiders

I have been preparing what I'd write about today, for nearly three days. I went from, "This incredible pile of CRAP stinks to High Heaven", to, "This group is outmatched", to, "Hmmmm...If Andrew Walter or Tui go out there and do well, is there a QB controversy?", to, "Let us not forget the feeling of hosting two AFC Championship games in the not to distant future", to, "This thing CAN work".

I know that it is Sunday, so of course, I am going to feel optimistic, because I always do, but, I am looking forward to seeing how this team responds to a serious but whooping.

Nobody can feel comfortable, even JaMarcus Russell. His contract can be cut, just as easily as D Hall's.

Then, how about Kwame Harris? He will be splitting time with Mario Henderson and you know that we don't want to carry a back-up that is making Kw-aym's salary.

G-Wil, even started talking this week. He said that this team has more talent than the team that won the Super Bowl last season.

Then, there is Tommy Kelly. Everyone in the League thought that the Raiders signed Tommie Harris when Kelly got that HUGE contract. Even Kelly was surprised.

These players are being PAID to be leaders and this week may be their last week to show that they deserve it.

I'm not going to bother to do a statistical break down, because we all know how Un-Well these two teams match up. So, I am going to head out to the game today and look for FIRE, PASSION and for Andrew Walter to finally get a shot before the season is a complete waste.

Go Raiders!!!!