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Oakland Raider News: Who Stays and Who Goes, Part 1:

Sadly enough...Raider Brethren... and Sisthren, it has come time, AGAIN, to discuss who STAYS and who GOES, as the Raiders are a heaping mess...Stumbling...Or as Nnamdi ranted about...LAUGHING THEIR WAY to a Top 5 pick!!!

Like I pointed out in last week's game thread...This team needs an enema.

So, Let's start at the top:

Al Davis:

I love Al's passion for the game, He's The King of THE Nation, and he has already pointed out that he will bring in someone in a GM role soon.

If Al remains passionate and continues to be the figurehead while passing along tidbits of info and letting his underlings actually run the day to day operations I think that we will be in a better position.

Options: I don't really have a list of GM candidates, maybe some of you can help me out here. My short list would include Mike Holmgren, Mike Holmgren and Mike Holmgren.

Tom Cable:

I really appreciate his passion as well. I also appreciate him coming in and taking over for that Cry Baby Lane Kiffin, BUT, he is just not a Prime Choice.

His play calling (Fake field goal on 4th and 10 when a field goal gives you the lead), if you can call it that has been atrocious. He is one heckuva O-Line coach, but he is WAY over his head as a Head Coach in this League.

Options: At this point I believe that it is Jim Fassel's job to lose. Fassel's son is already on the staff and I think that Davis wanted Fassel to have a full off-season to build his team as opposed to taking over for Lane mid-stream.

Now, if we do hire a top of the line GM, then he will undoubtedly bring in his team and that could put Fassel on the outs, so there is much to be seen there.

Greg Knapp:

Knapp should not EVER have an Offensive Coordinator job again. Period. he has been stripped of his play calling duties and will now be fired for the 3rd time in 4 seasons. Hit the road Knapp.

Options: Until two weeks ago, I was hoping that we could somehow land Mike Martz. Now that the 49ers have strung together a couple of wins I highly doubt that he would leave for anything short of a Head Coaching job.

Rob Ryan:

Man, it is tough to "really" grade this guy when the offense has been putrid for 3 straight seasons. His defense responds to him and they are hardly at fault for the 3-13 record.

I doubt that Rob will stay past this season, I mean, what free agent would want to stay here?

Options: Keith Millard is an intriguing name to me. He has the experience and is sure to get a D-Coordinator job at some point.

That's all I have for the High Level Coaches...Who are some of your choices for replacements and who else should go?