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Oakland Raider News: Who Stays And Who Goes Part III: Offensive Backfield

Let us all stand up and clap for the departure of one of the biggest wastes of money, Mark Jackson's, departure. Good BYE and Good Riddance. He was as useless as boobs on a bull and now he can go and mess up the scholarships at Tennessee.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at how the Raider Offensive backfield "Should" shape up for next year.

QB: JaMarcus Russell is ours for better or worse. And right now, it is looking like it is for worse. He is coming off like a lazy, dimwitted bust. Do I think he is a bust? No way, but, that is how he is looking on the field and in the media.

When Cable said that he wasn't coming in on Tuesdays to study film, and then his response was that we will all love him when the ship turns around, it left me speachless...How does he expect to turn it around IF NOT for hard work and overtime?

I can only balme him for being lazy, not for his performance because having three play callers in one year is a bit much for anyone, especially the youngest starting QB in the League.

Tui: He should stay as a serviceable back-up

Walter: I hope for his sake that he gets out of here and gets a chance with a team that could use his ability. I AM a Walter fan and think that he can be a good starter in this League.

Options: I expect for the Raiders to draft a clipboard carrier or pick-up a Ken Dorsey type to take Walter's spot.

FB: Justin Griffith will probably leave for less turbulent waters after this season, which is too bad, because I really like him. He has been a team player and leader. I hope that he stays, but with O'Neal pushing him and his Pro Bowl status making him an attractive addition to a team that is built to win now, I just don't see him staying.

Oren O'Neal: This all depends on his health. If he is fully healthy, I don't see Griffith returning. If he isn't, then we HAVE to keep Griffith. If we lose both of them, then there will be a huge hole to fill as the FB position has been one of J-Russ's faborite options when he has had either to throw to.

Luke Lawton: Practice Squad

RB: D-Mac is a keeper...Period

Fargas: Is an expensive 3rd back, which is what he SHOULD have been this year. I love Huggy Bear to death, BUT, he is the third best back on the team and is making some serious jack that can be used on a wide-out or O-Lineman. (Correction, as Mikesd pointed out Huggy has already received 6 mil of the 12 and may not make another 3 in the incentives...He HAS to staty for that price, or be traded for a pretty nice pick)

Bush: It is a sin that he has had limited playing time. I see him going elsewhere and DOMINATING. That is truly sad and I hope it isn't in Denver!!!