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Oakland Raider Takes: Is There Hope For The Oakland Raiders?

At times it feels like we, as fans, have to hope against hope that a fluke play, bad call call by a ref or ONE DRIVE will end most Sundays with a big wooden "L" hanging from our necks.

It gets tiresome by the water cooler on Monday mornings when all anyone can say about the Raider game the day before is , "What a poor performance", "It's Al Davis's fault", "Want to trade JaMarcus Russell for Alex Smith?".

I've been a fan for the better part of the past 33 years and it seems like a bad dream to have rooted passionately for a team that was in the Super Bowl in 2002 after DESTROYING Tennessee in the AFC Championship Game and then completely fell apart from the moment that Barrett Robbins lost his wallet in Mexico, leading to an embarrassing blowout against John Gruden's Bucs in the Super Bowl.

My fanhood will remain the same because, like my friends in the parking lot kept saying, "Right here is where I'll be against the Patriots and here is where I will be next year", but, is there really hope that THIS team will turn it around.

I worry about getting extensions for Nnamdi Asomugha, Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison.

Thanks to an article that was written on this site, I wonder If JaMarcus Russell has digressed since Lane Kiffin departed? Who will replace Kiffin as the voice in JaMarcus Russell's head that instructs him in the offense? Is Defilipo (Kiffin's Assistant) the answer?

Will we lose Michael Bush and then watch him dominate the NFL while we hold onto Fargas?

Is the offensive line coming into it's own after the performances over the last two weeks, or will they revert to form against the Chargers?

There are many key  questions that make me wonder if there is hope for 2009?

Then I think about it and I see an offensive minded Head Coach, Jim Fassel, taking the reigns in January.

Then I remember the way that the team felt on the first three drives of the game and I can see an offensive minded coaching staff really using the weapons on this team to do what they should do.

I mean, what great game caller wouldn't just be cursing at Cable for getting McFadden only one touch in the second half and then wanting to choke him for not running the ball DIRECTLY down the Chiefs throats until the broke and letting J-Russ pick his spots to throw. Hmmmm? Doesn't that sound a bit like the game plan against Denver? But I digress...

I do believe that bringing in Fassel will lead to more scoring and also better play calling. That is a HUGE upgrade to the current situation

There is HOPE that he will bring in a team that will help with Russell and J-Russ can truly be the bright spot that we see him as.

There is also HOPE that McFadden will get the ball more and can stay healthy next year.

What other HOPE is there Nation?