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Oakland Raiders Game Thread: Texans in Oakland 12-21-08

Man, the Texans are back again. It seems like they are a cupcake on our schedule every season, yet, they win in Oakland EVERY TIME.

This season they are anything BUT cupcakes. In fact, they are 3.5 point favorites IN Oakland!!!

Whether it is Sage Rosenfelds or starter Matt Schaub, the Texans have been in most games this season.

They are only 2-5 on the road, but, with rookie Steve Slaton in the backfield and Andre "1,000" Johnson at wide-out, they will prove a challenge for Oakland's porous defense.


Curry and Lelie are probably OUT today, so there will be no excuse for McFadden NOT touching the ball 20+ times. And that is a good thing because he really is our ONLY hope today.

With three straight wins against the Jags, Packers (In Lambeau) and Tennessee coming into this game, I don't see the Raiders having a shot. But, that is why they play the games, eh?


I'll be rooting from home today because of this damn flu, so I'll so it LOUD right now...Go RRRAAAIIDDEERRSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!