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Oakland Raiders News: 10 Reasons To Be Hyped For 2008

Over the next 10 days I will be writing about 10 reasons EVERY Raider fan should be HYPED for 2008.

Today, I will start with reason #1.

The number one reason that I am hyped for 2008 is the player who wears number 2, JaMarcus Russell.

After the final play of the 2007 Season, Raider Coach, Lane Kiffin announced that JaMarcus Russell would be the starter in 2008.

2008 would have been the year that he came out of college had he stayed at LSU. Do you think that Miami would be drooling all over their BIG TUNA if he were available?

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that JaMarcus would have been chosen #1 overall this year if he'd have stayed in school and he is BY FAR the best QB taken since the 2004 draft, which produced, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. Jay Cutler and Alex Smith just AREN'T as good as these four.

Two of those quarterbacks have already won Super Bowls, Big Ben and Eli, while Rivers has led his team to the playoffs in consecutive years and could have been facing off against Eli this year, had he and LT been healthy in the AFC Championship.

Now, I am NOT saying that JaMarcus Russell is going to lead us to the playoffs in his first season starting. No, expecting that of a player on a team with so many holes at this time that it makes the...Hold on did I say holes?

Actually, there are only FIVE holes ON this team.

Two wideouts, one dominant DT, one run stuffing LB and a hard hitting SS.

That entire situation can be solved in the draft, we have FIVE picks, and free agency beginning on February 28th...Damn, the Raiders can make the playoffs THIS YEAR because we have a "potential" elite QB, in JaMarcus Russell!!!

With a QB at the helm with J-Russ's intangibles, the "Rocket Arm", "Escapability" in the pocket and "Pinpoint" accuracy, how can we lose if the defense is solidified and we can add a speedy receiver for him to go deep to?

I found a YouTube video of J-Russ before he was drafted. If you haven't seen this you should watch it:

When I looked up Eli Manning's numbers from his rookie season his QB Rating was within JaMarcus Russell's by 1 point at 55.4. In his second season he threw for 24 TDs and by his his 5th season in the League he was a Super Bowl Champ.

Phillip Rivers took a total of 8 snaps in his rookie campaign and 12 in his second, then led the team, along with LT of course, to a 14-2 record in his third season.

We all know how Big Ben did, he won the Super Bowl in his rookie season and has been a Pro-Bowler ever since!!!

So, what can we expect from JaMarcus in 2008?

Like most of you, I loved what I saw from JaMarcus last season and with an improved O-Line, I expect a lot from him in 2008...Who knows? Under his leadership we may just be playing some January football.  

Are you getting HYPED YET???