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Oakland Raiders News: 10 Reasons To be Hyped For 2008 II

The second thing that I am looking forward to in 2008 is the emergence of Michael Bush.

Bush was cleared to play last year, but did not take the field as the Raiders did not want for one of their running backs (LaMont Jordan) to be claimed by either KC or Denver who were still on the schedule and needed a back as badly as any team in the League.

Many of us, on S&BP, were ticked because we wanted to see Bush run. I was ticked because, as I told a Raider Exec, I wanted to see how he would do just in case we were in line to snag Darren McFadden. That Exec assured me that McFadden would be out of the picture BEFORE we drafted. I wonder how he feels now?

Anyway, with 2007 is in the rear view mirror, it is time to get HYPED about Michael Bush's "potential" contribution to this team in 2008.

With no disrespect to Dominic Rhodes, LaMont Jordan OR Justin Fargas, we all must know that, SINCE Michael Bush is healthy, Bush is our #1 back coming into the 2008 season.

Did you know that Michael Bush, a former Mr. Kentucky Football in High School, was voted All-State in 5 positions. He was even the back-up QB at Louisville in his early career there.

With his style of running, a power back with some burst, Rhodes, Fargas OR McFadden would be a great balance in the backfield.

Adding McFadden would make every other back expendable. McFadden and Bush would be the best 1-2 punch in football.

Now, before we go crazy thinking about McFadden...I have to say that Bush and Rhodes would be JUST FINE and also allow the Raiders to trade their pick for more picks, or land Chris Long or Glen Dorsey IF they are available.

Check out these YouTubes of Bush if you need to get HYPED!!!

One thing that really stands out in these videos is that he has slimmed up a bit as a Raider. That should give him more burst and also allow him to go deeper into games.

Another thing is that he runs like LaMont Jordan, but he seems to have more burst and glide and isn't afraid to run into contact. Look at how many yards he gets after the first contact and see how well he moves the pile!!! Now think about how well he will do behind the line that produced the #6 rushing attack in the League with MOSTLY Fargas and Jordan carrying the ball!?!?! It is truly MIND BOGGLING what Bush CAN do.

So, Raider Nation, reason #2 to get hyped about 2008...Michael Bush!!!

Reason #3 is coming tomorrow...