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Oakland Raiders News: Reason #4 To Be Hyped For 2008

If you haven't heard, Justin Fargas is securely in the fold after inking a 3 year 12 million dollar deal. While he may be a PART of my optimism his presence does not get me as HYPED as J-Rush, Bush and Sedrick Ellis, so we will call him #3.5.

After dwelling in Samsara for 5 years as a Raider fan, I can see the Nirvana in the not so distant future.

I see a coach who has turned around the atmosphere in Oakland and has surrounded himself with some pretty talented players and coaches.

This off-season is the first that he has been able to select off of the top of the heap as opposed to making the best out of the other team's scraps.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that James Lofton is an upgrade over Charles Coe, or that Strength & Conditioning Hall of Famer Brad Roll is an upgrade over Jeff Fish.

The receivers, especially Curry seemed to fall off of the map as the season went on and I am sure that Lofton will help in that regard.

The team also seemed to get tired late in the game, and Roll is in the Hall of Fame because of his great conditioning work.

You see, Raider Nation, I am getting hyped because Lane Kiffin is improving on what he began to establish in 2007.

For the first year since we traded John Gruden the coaching staff is going forward instead of backward. THAT IS HUGE!!!

It doesn't matter what other moves we could make in the off-season, I am sure that IF this coaching staff was blown up, many of you would jump ship. Heck, BudLight, I guess you will be stoking me out with one of those club level seats, eh?

Kiffin's coaching staff, especially Tom Cable, put together an offense that lost our best offensive player YET scored 28 touchdowns. The 2006 "Bed and Breakfast" offense only scored 12 touchdowns.

Doesn't 2006 seem like an eternity ago? Maybe that is reason 4.4 to be hyped for 2006!!! The fact that 2006 feels like 20 years ago!!!

Cable's, completely overhauled from 2006, offensive line improved from allowing 72 sacks to 41 and from 29th in the League in rushing to 6th.

With another year under their belts, they should be even better.

I am VERY excited to see this coaching staff put together the 2008 gameplan...Now I am WAITING TO SEE...IF...We get Dexter Jackson!!!