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My Dream Off-Season Could Play Out This Way:

There will be no mention of Chad Johnson, Jared Allen or any other unattainable player in this piece.

This piece will deal with who is available on the free agent market and who can be HAD in the draft.

I also want to talk about who should be kept from our own free agent pool.

Players signed from outside the organization:

Daunte Stallworth

Free Agents Kept:

Justin Fargas
Jeremy Newberry
Chris Clemons
Tommy Kelly
Gerard Warren

Players Drafted:

Jake Long
Trevor Laws or Any of these who fall (Balmer, Cromartie, Connor, Hardy, Kelly)
Josh Barrett or Wesley Woodyard
Dexter Jackson
Marcus Monk

The offensive line is the MOST important part of any team, especially one with a rookie quarterback.

Jake Long will COMPLETE this line and he should be our number one pick...Period.

Mario Henderson MAY be a solid tackle some day, but he is NO Jake Long.

When Jake Long was speaking about how his father worked at the Auto Plant for 30 years and instilled that work ethic in he and his other siblings, I saw before me a 6 foo 7, hard working, top of his class player who went out AT the combine and bench pressed 225 lbs 37 times, ran a 5.14 forty, jumped 27.5 inches in the air and finished third in the 3 cone drill.

He has given up 2 sacks in his Career and I would expect him to challenge for the starting LT job from the beginning.

The linemen who gave up the most sacks last year will be been replaced by McQuistan and Long.

Green and BS gave up nearly 20 sacks between them. Between Gallery and Newberry, they only gave up 4 combined!!!

This is THE BEST Jake Long Combine thread

By adding Stallworth as our #1 receiver, a role that I believe he is ready for, the team can focus on the best defensive player with the second pick, UNLESS, a star offensive player falls (Hardy, Jackson or Manningham).

The fourth round should give the Raiders a choice between Jamie Silva, Wesley Woodward and Josh Barrett to fill in as our starting strong safety next year.

The depth of wide-outs SHOULD allow the Raiders to draft either Marcus Monk or Dexter Jackson in the 6th and look for a good special teams player in the 7th round.

This off-season is VERY possible, and should put the Raiders in a VERY good position for 2008 and 2009.

I think that they would be 2 or 3 players away from being a dominant team in 2009.

With Curry, Stallworth, Jackson and Miller running routes and Bush, Rhodes and Fargas running behind a MUCH improved line and a hard hitting fullback tandem, JaMarcus Russell will have enough weapons to be successful himself and also not HAVE to do everything.

Long and McQuistan could reduce the sacks allowed by 14 this year and move the running game into the Top 5 in the League.

I am getting INSANELY excited for 2008. How about you?