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At The Combine's Mid Point:

The ONLY player that I was high on that would have been on our radar in the 4th - 7th round that hasn't helped themselves to this point is...Marcus Monk.

Eddie Royal and Dexter Jackson have turned themselves into HUGE question marks for many teams.

What I mean by that is that Royal was a 4th round pick that can now go as high as the 2nd Round and Dexter was undrafted by many scouts when the season ended and now he may go as high as the 3rd round!!!

Monk may be our steal this year in the 6th...At 6 foot 6 and jumping nearly 3 feet in the air he can be a HUGE target for JaMarcus Russell and 'I Belive" that he will be a steal.

Jake Long is the toast of the ball to this point. He is MONSTER strong and has quick feet as well as unmatched technique for a LT. IF he falls into the 4th or 5th slot, the team who draftes him will be under paying for him for years.