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Vernon Gholston Thread:

here is a link to the O-Zone:
With every step, lift and jump Vernon Gholston is showing that he belongs in the "elite athlete" class at the combine.

He tied Jake Long for the lead in the bench press by pressing 225 pounds, 37 times.

Not only did he tie Jake long, BUT, he is the only player since Jake Long's Freshman year to register a sack against the "Mountain" that is Jake Long.

Check out this abuse that he put on the Wolverine's pass protection.

His 35.5 inch vert has him in 12th place amongst ALL of the participants to date.

Not ONLY is he VERY strong for a 258 pound player, he runs fast too. He ran a 4.67 forty, which was good for 3rd among the D-Linemen.

After watching as much on him as I can, I can definitely say that he is THE PERFECT player for the Oakland Defense.

He can move around and rush from anywhere on the line and can also play in pass coverage.

We don't need a "special" defensive tackle in order to stop the other teams, we need good defensive tackle play that frees up our playmakers on the edges.

Clemons, Burgess and Gholston can have opposing offenses hurrying to get plays off.

China Bob, I think I found your guy!!!

Like I stated yesterday, IF Mario Henderson is the answer at LT, then let's go for Gholston and Laws...What better player for the Raider Nation than "The Ghost"?