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How Far Will Darren McFadden Fall?

With the news coming out about Darren McFadden's troubles with the law and the League's hardened stance against ANY brushes with the "Man", do you think that Darren McFadden will fall out of the top 6?

If McFadden falls to #7, then I am pretty sure that he will be picked up by the Pats.


BUT, it is VERY possible that he may.

The Dolphins ONLY strength is Ronnie Brown, and he will be ready to go by the opener.

The Rams have Stephen Jackson and they have holes on both lines which can be filled with Dorsey, Long(s) OR Ellis.

The Falcons just went through the Vick debacle and should NOT pass on Matt Ryan, IF, he is available. If Ryan is gone then I just don't see how they could take on a "potential" enigma like Darren McFadden when the quintet or Ellis, Dorsey, Gholston, Long and Long provide solid solutions to a team that is in dire need of building blocks.

The last thing that the Raiders need is a running back and can definitely use any of the above quintet.

The Chiefs already have a TON invested in Larry Johnson and need to invest in the O-Line or another pass rusher.

The Jets are the real wild card here, because IF they let McFadden slip to the Pats then they will have to face him twice a year and he will have revenge on his mind, ala Sapp and Moss, every time he plays a team that passed on him. AND they could use a top flight running back.

No matter what happens, it is looking like the Pats will be getting a SERIOUS player at the 7 spot.

Vernon Gholston would be a serious BEAST on that defense, as would ANY of the top 4 defensive players, but McFadden MAY put them into another stratosphere.

So, how far do you think McFadden will drop? And how do you think the Niners feel about NOT picking 7th this year?