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Oakland Raiders News: Let's Give A Shout Out To Zach Miller

Perhaps the most underrated rookie in 2007 was our very own tight end, Zach Miller.

He did everything he was asked to do and DID not back down or complain about his assignment.

He developed into a VERY strong blocking tight end and was one of the top reasons for the Raiders #6 rushing offense.

Coming out of College he was EXACTLY who I said the Raiders needed to draft along with JaMarcus Russell.

I said this because at ASU he showed that he had very good hands and ran great routes. Little did I know that he would develop into such a strong blocker.

After he was allowed to go out for more passes he ended up leading all rookie tight ends in receptions and also broke the Raider rookie record for receptions by a rookie tight end.


Silver and Black Pride's Raider Rookie Of The Year.