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Oakland Raiders News: Is The Raider's Aggressiveness A Good Thing

According to published reports, the Oakland Raiders will be signing Gibril Wilson from the NY Giants for more money than he was asking.

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of locking up a talented YOUNG nucleus for years to come and Wilson has a few things going for him; Super Bowl Champ (Davis Loves THOSE), Play making Safety and he is a local boy from San Jose; BUT 6-6.5 milayear is a bit over the top for a player who should be making 4-5 milayear.

The Raiders also went AGGRESSIVELY after Tommy Kelly and made him the richest DT in the NFL.

Yes, that is the same Tommy Kelly that cannot stay healthy and has never registered more than 5 sacks in a season.

The money that they gave Kelly means that Chris Clemons (Our most effective D-Lineman in 2007) is a goner.

I know that you have to overpay when you have the worst record in football over the last 5 seasons and your team is SAID to be in turmoil, but is this aggressiveness being sent in the proper direction?

If that aggressiveness lands Kwame Harris, as has been reported, then on the outside, I would have to "Yes, this aggressiveness is misguided", then again, I have to trust Cable's judgment. Cable knows who will fit his system and who won't.

So, as the Raider World turns, I'll be keeping you updated on the moves and what I think.

Maybe the Raider are as sold on Gholston as I am? Only time will tell.

And I do know that LaMont, Rhodes and Barry are all wondering where they will be next year.