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Oakland Raiders News:

- So "Ocho Cinco" wants to be a Raider? That should give all of us Raider fans a shot in the arm. After seeing his team fall apart, the rebuilding Raiders MUST actually look inviting.

Now, before you go on getting excited, it would SHOCK me if Lane Kiffin took on this HUGE personality. Just the mere fact that I call him "Ocho Cinco" instead of Chad Johnson, or EVEN, C.J., speaks volumes for the amount of attention this player brings himself over the team.

It would be better than when we brought an unhappy Randy Moss to Oakland, heck, Chad is saying that he WANTS to be here...Then again he probably wants to be anywhere other than jail, I mean on parole, I mean in Cincy.

- Ray Guy didn't get in AGAIN and J-Mac made some great points about it today.

'Davis made one of his most brilliant draft picks when he took Guy in the first round of the 1972 draft, because the Raiders were so loaded with talent in those days a punter was just about all they needed.

But if you asked John Madden before most any game, "You can have Stabler or Guy," or, "Art Shell or Guy," or "Branch or Guy," and you know what his answer would have been.'

I agree, that until Plunkett and Lester Hayes are in, GUY shouldn't be. That is unless you enter one specialist every five years or there is some other criteria for getting them in.

  • If you are rooting for the Patriots, then you ARE NOT a Raider fan!!! ;)
  • Speaking of the Patriots, it looks like ESPN is giving the THE LOVE again. First, they irresponsibly reports that the Patriots are being accused of taping the walk through from their first Super Bowl win and that story has died quicker than the Lane Kiffin Love letter story!!!
  • The Raiders may have landed a couple of Hall of Famers this week. IF Lofton does sign then he will join the coaching staff along with HOF Strength and Conditioning coach, Brad Roll.

- I'll be rooting for Kevin Boothe and Dave Tollefson today. I can't root for Moss, The Chargers (Seau and Harrison) or the Patriots, it just so happens that all three of those things converge on one big cheating team...Go GIANTS!!!